Rural Family Care

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Our Story

We are a social enterprise based in Kasese (South Western Uganda) on a mission to empower communities to improve their livelihoods by providing access to resources and tools that promote sustainable development. Through inclusive, participatory, and collaborative methods, we hope to work with communities, families, and communities to bring about positive change. We are dedicated to carrying out our work with honesty, decency, accountability, and transparency while establishing alliances that help us accomplish our purpose.

Established in October 2011, Rural Family Care is a social company under Reg. No. 80020000558298 and implementing social businesses. The company is supported by an advisory committee of five persons for a five-year term of office.

The organization head office is located in Kanyatsi Cell, Munkunyu Sub County, Kasese (South Western Uganda).

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We aim at conducting Business in General merchandise, electronics and Transport as well as providing services and Investments in Agriculture, Climate change and Human Health among other focus areas.


To Be The Leading Social Company Empowering Women And Youth Through Social Business In The Rwenzori Region.


To Empower The Rwenzori Region And Make It More Resilient, Sustainable, And Inclusive.

Core Values


We Work With Extraordinary Care And Compassion


Our Actions Are The Result Of A Deep Belief In Fairness To Those We Serve


The Rwenzori Region And Make It More Resilient, Sustainable, And Inclusive.
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Rural Family Care Objectives:

  1. Conducting Business In General Goods, Electronics, And Transportation
  2. To Provide Investments And Services In Agriculture, Combating Climate Change, And Improving Human Health.
  3. To Carry Out Research In The Areas Of Development, Agriculture, Climate Change, The Environment, And Livelihood.
  4. To Carry Out Specialist Consultation And Capacity-building In The Fields Of Agroecology, Organic Farming, Fair Trade, Climate Change, Women, Youth, And Development.
  5. To Offer Services In Youth Human Development Through Innovation And Skill Development

Our Partners: