“We are hands on”

We are a social company under Reg. No. 80020000558298 and implementing social businesses founded in 2011.
At Rural Family Care, we believe that rather than making small contributions at the periphery, it is best to work at the heart of the problem – building self-reliance at the grassroots level, empowering women and youth as key change agents, and forging effective partnerships with locals to fight poverty and other social economical problems.
The company is supported by an advisory committee of five persons for a five-year term of office.

Our Vision

A competitive Social company and Pride of Rwenzori


Our Mission

To be a leading social company empowering women and Youth through social Business in the Rwenzori Region


Core Values

Humanity, Equity & Team Work

A far-reaching impact.

Across the Rwenzori region (Kasese District), our education, agriculture, health and ecopreneurship programs impact people with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to break the poverty cycle themselves.
Through The Rwenzori Cook Stove Project, we are selling eco-friendly cooking stoves and offer short course training in production and maintenance to the Youth.