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Youth’s Electrical Installation Training at the Rural Family Care Vocatinal Training Center

More than 75% of Uganda’s population is below the age of 30, with the country having one of the highest youth unemployment rates at 13.3%—the number of youth actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labor force—in Sub-Saharan Africa.

RF Care’s Skills Development Centre (SDC) offers specialized training courses to help the Ugandan Youth enter the workforce with the right skillset, information and confidence. These fee-based courses, their duration range from 21 days to 9 months and are taught by specialized facilitators; by choice, most of our courses are examined by external examining bodies.

In an Hands On approach, our purpose is

Most vocational training programs focus on mechanical/technical skills rather than ‘soft’ or ‘green’ skills. Green skills contribute to preserving or restoring environmental quality for a sustainable future and include jobs that protect ecosystems and biodiversity, reduce energy and minimize waste and pollution.
Therefore, the Skills Development center project -SDC will incorporate green skills in the training program.
Among the key courses offered are: Solar PVs installation, repair and
maintenance, Vegetable production, Bee keeping, Juice making and hand

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