The Skill Development Center – SDC


Purpose: Most vocational training programs focus on mechanical/technical skills rather than ‘soft’ or ‘green’ skills. Green skills contribute to preserving or restoring environmental quality for sustainable future and include jobs that protect ecosystems and biodiversity, reduce energy and minimize waste and pollution. Therefore, the Skills Development center project -SDC will incorporate green skills in the training program.
Among the key courses offered are: Solar PVs installation, repair and maintenance, Vegetable production, Bee keeping, Juice making and hand craft.

Objectives of the Skill Development Center:

  • Enhance Eco-premiership that supports development of sustainable livelihood
  • Promote shared prosperity by enhancing income growth among Youth & women

Vision: To be the center of excellence in Training Appropriate Vocational skills across Rwenzori Region
Mission: To provide competence based Technical training for National Development
Goal: To be an Agro tourism center for Learners and Researchers

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The Skills Development Centre (SDC) offers specialized training courses to help the Ugandan Youth enter the workforce with the right skillset, information and confidence. These fee-based courses, their duration range from 21 days to 9 months and are taught by specialized facilitators; by choice, most of our courses are examined by external examining bodies.
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